webOS Doctor 2.2.4 for HP Veer (AT&T and EU/WR version)


Sorry everyone for keeping you waiting! I know I promised mid January-ish but I didn’t get to it yet due to events in my personal life that needed my attention 😉

I hope it’s worth the wait for you guys, but here it is 🙂

For AT&T Version of the Veer: http://mir.cr/0SMN9R8S or http://mir.cr/HQ5W8WSX (MD5 sum: 0f066080c9ba0a54500bb6eb6da1de28)
For EU Version of the Veer: http://www.multiupload.nl/5YXNPXZ6TH or http://mir.cr/AMLBTOWP or http://mir.cr/1AJZONM1 (MD5 sum: 543bd295eb1f9d376a8efe457c7afae1)

Please note that both versions are 100% identical, the only difference is actually the check the webOS Doctor performs when trying to update. The AT&T version doesn’t work on EU version and vice versa, hence they both have their own files.

This will update your Veer to 2.2.4 which offers TTS, Skype support, Enyo and all other goodies introduced with 2.2.4.

It’s as close to an official Doctor from HP as it will ever get.

Thanks to the amazing people at the webOSNation forum for their support in making this possible (you know who you are :))!

Instructions on how to use the Doctor can be found at HP’s own website:


WebOS Internals also have a help page when you have issues with regards to using the Doctor:


In the process of getting this tested and out to you guys I managed to brick 2 HP Veers and so far these haven’t been revived yet. I would really appreciate a small donation for all the hard work and to get the Veers revived again.

For any questions, please post them in the appropriate topics on webOS Nation, you will get a quicker answer there, since I’ll check there regularly 🙂